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Ministry ofTransport Denies Accessing of AnyShip to Port of Alhudidah . (2017.12.20)

Minister of transport denies media news at channels and websites of the collation of aggression pretending accessing of food loaded ships to Alhudidah port .

The ministry stressed in a statement handed to Yemen News Agency (SABA) that Port of Alhudidah still closed by countries of collation of aggression referring that countries of collation manipulate the public opinion by its different media which is red handed .

The ministry of transport cleared that there is no relieve , humanitarian or even a commercial ships entered port of Alhudidah as pretended by collation of aggression ,noting that port of Alhudidah is ready for receiving ships but collation of aggression prevents the entering of goods and reliving food loaded ships and other ships and threats targeting if ships get close to the port .

The ministry of transport addressed all media to make sure and reach truth in publishing such news by investigating reliable sources .

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