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A meeting Headed by The Minister of Transport Discusses The Difficulties Facing The Land Transport Companies. (2017.12.25)

At the meeting, which was attended by a number of representatives of companies and institutions of land transport, the Minister of Transport stressed the need to cooperate and create an integrative partnership between the land transport sector and private companies for land transport locally and internationally.

He pointed out that this partnership will contribute to the promotion and development of land transport aspects and raise revenues and facilitate the citizen mobility throughout the Republic.

Minister Al-Shami said that land transport is having great importance and present humanitarian service provided by the government and the private sector to the citizen either for travel between the provinces or the transport of food goods and oil derivatives.

The Minister of Transport ordered the General Authority for the regulation of land transport affairs to overcome difficulties in the interest of the citizen in the process of mobility.

For his part, Chairman of the General Authority for the regulation of land transport affairs Walid Al-Wadai stressed the interest of the Authority to the requirements of companies for land transport and facilitate the difficulties facing the work of companies.

He praised the level of work and organizing of some companies , the services they provide, and comfort and safety they present for travelers.

He stressed the need to adhere to the laws and regulations approved by the Authority by institutions and companies of land transport..

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