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Minister of Transport Confirms The Readiness of Presenting Facilitation in Case of The Arrival of The Lifters to Port of Alhudidah . (2017.12.25)

The minister of transport Zakaria Alshami confirmed the readiness of the ministry for presenting facilitations in case of the arrival of the four bridges lifters presented by the WFP for the port of Alhudidah in order to guarantee reaching of the humanitarian ,relives and basic needs for the Yemeni people .

The minister Alshami cleared during his meeting today in Sanaa with the deputy minister of the international cooperation and planning for the planning sector Ali Alkohalny that the bridges cranes presented by the WFP will contributes in facilitating and swiftthe arrival process of the humanitarian assistance and basic needs .

The minister referred that the port is in critical need for this lifters which was destroyed by the Saudi-AmericanAir Forces .

He said also that the four cranes was supposed to arrive port of Alhudidah in the end of last Jan. ,but unfortunately after the ship called for the arriving ,it was banned and seized by the forces of the aggression for many months and towed to their ports before they give permission to return back to the first point .

The minister stressed the readiness of the port of Alhudidah to receive all ships and humanitarian and relive assistance but the collation of aggression bans all humanitarian ,relive or commercial ships to get close to the port of Alhudidah and threats to fir the ships in case of getting closer .

The minister Alshami ordered the leadership of the Yemen red sea cooperation to hider the obstacles for the WFP and the technical consultants who will set the bridges cranes as the four lifters enter port of Alhudidah.

For his part, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning thanked the World Food Program for assistance and submission of the cranes. He called on humanitarian organizations working in Yemen to follow the example of the World Food Program and provide important assistance and touches the need to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression and siege.

The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport for the Air Transport, Maritime Affairs and Ports Sector Abdullah Al-Ansi and Khalid Al-Namir, and the consultants of the Ministries of Transport, and Planning and International Cooperation Abdulkarim Saleh and Khalid Ahmed Jaber.

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