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Hodeidah Port

 Hodeidah  city is a coastal city, located in the center of the western coast of the Republic of Yemen that located at the Red sea. It is characterized with multifarious pillars and landmarks; as it is of historical, civilized, economical, industrial, agricultural, fishery and tourist nature.

• According to 2004 general census, its population amounts to (2,161,229) persons. Thus, by this figure, it occupies the second rank among the republic’s governorate, in respect of the population density. These human capacities and capabilities play an axial role in the comprehensive developmental movement process. Work opportunities and chances are abundant and diverse as the diversity of its pillars.

• Hodeidah city occupies a medium position among the northern governorates of dense  population. That feature, through its sea port (Hodeidah  Port), enables it to play an important and a vital role in accelerating the development wheel so as to become, through that role, one of the most important Yemeni harbors and the main gate in the Red Sea that overlooks the foreign world and through which pass different exports and imports, beside all that is needed for the growth and prosperity that Yemen had witnesses, in the pasty, and is witnessing in the present time.

Hodeidah Port:-

• Basic data:

Time zone : GMT + 3 hours-  
– On the router (VHF) 14-16 C.H

• approve the port with the International Code : (ISPS)
– ID : 4-2010.
– The date of approval 13 FUB 2010.

• Natural Features:
-Climate:(approx. warm in summer and moderate in winter).
-Relative Water Density: (1,025)
-Rainy season: {The raining falls down in little quantities, the raining season comes between the months of (Jan., April, Aug., &Dec.), and the annual rainfall is 60-150 mm per year}.
-Ebb and tide: the mean ebb and tide is (0.08m)

• Geographical advantage:
-Hodeidah Sea Port locates in the south of Red Sea in the middle of the western coast of Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea (to the North of the Equator, at latitude 14 D. and 50 minutes northerly and at longitude 42º and 56 min. easterly.
Importance and Privilege:
Hodeidah Sea Port is unique for many of advantages exclusive to itself and unfound in other ports in terms of :-
-It is nearby the international navigational lines in distance less than 40 nautical miles.
-It has a natural protection against waves and weather coastal currents.
-It is unexposed to seasonal winds.
-It is capable to expansion and investment due to the wide land areas that it has, which exceeds (7,500,000 m2).

• Special Constituents for the port:
-Gross size : (309,955,726) m2.
-Water size : (307,955,726) m2.
-Land size : (7,500,000) m2.

• Constituents production capacity:
-Maximum designed capacity : (9,000,000) tons per year.
For Goods :
-General : (1,000,000 tons)
-Dry Bulk : (1,500,000 tons)
-Liquid Bulk : (4,000,000 tons)
-Contained Goods : (2,500,000 tons)
For Containers:
-(280,000) equivalent containers

Tourism and passengers activities:
-Average of passengers’ vessels and touristic vessels (10) vessels  per year.
-Average of passengers (1000 passengers per year).
-Average of tourists (3000 tourists per year).

• Navigational Features:-
o Navigational passages :
-Passage length : 11 nautical miles.
-Width : 200m.
-Depth : 10m.
Turning circle:
-Diameter : 400m.
-Depth : 10m.

•  Approaching District:
-First district locates at the sides of first guide to enter to the navigational canal and it is called Ferry Y.B (F.W.B.). It is specialized for the vessels of large draft.
-Second district locates in the northeast of the navigational canal.
Guidance: It is obligatory from the waiting district until the quay and vice versa.
Tugging: It is obligatory in Tracki District.  
the largest ship that can be received :
-Ship tonnage (31,000 tons).
-Depth (9.75 meters).
-Length (200 meters).
Working : 24 hours.

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