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Millions of Yemenis celebrate in the capital Sana’a to Commemorate Holy Prophet’s Birthday

The Leader of the Revolution affirms that we will continue to confront aggression as a religious, humanitarian and patriotic duty

On October 29, 2020 Thursday, the capital, Sana’a, witnessed a crowd unprecedented in the history of Yemen and the region to commemorate the birth of the Prophet.


The seventieth square and the squares surrounding the crowds were filled with masses that raised flags, paintings and slogans expressing joy and joy at the anniversary of the birth of the best of the people, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family.


There were many means of expressing joy and joy on this religious occasion, as the name of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, who gathered in the seventy square, embodied the bond and love of Yemenis and their adherence to the greatest messenger and the place that he occupies in their hearts and conscience and their celebration of his birth anniversary.


In the celebration that began with the verse of the Holy Quran, the Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, addressed a speech to the masses gathered in the capital Sanaa and the squares in the governorates, in which he blessed the Yemeni people and the Islamic nation for the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.


He saluted the large crowd in the celebration squares on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet .. Welcome to the attendees from the Arab and Islamic communities.


He said, “Our Yemeni Muslim people, based on their faith identity and awareness of the importance of making use of this blessed occasion as an educational, awareness and mobilization station, to consolidate loyalty to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, and to recognize the great grace and grace of God, celebrates this occasion in a distinct way, starting from the many activities that included lectures and various educational activities , In addition to charitable activities.


The Leader of the Revolution indicated that the Islamic Ummah today is fraught with problems and crises, which should not be the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, a station to meet these challenges.


He considered this blessed memory to be a valuable opportunity and an important milestone to remind us of the responsibility, mercy and bounty of God, and the truth that the Islamic ummah should return to in order to benefit in what suits its reality.


He said, “The origin of all the problems, corruption, and injustices that our Islamic nation and human society suffer from is deviation from the message of God Almighty, His teachings, guidance and light, and not following the example of His messengers and His prophets.” He stressed that the oppressors worked to remove important facts, most notably the faith in God in the correct manner that the prophets and messengers conveyed.


The Leader of the Revolution explained that ignoring the reality of the nation, including its problems and challenges, insofar as it shies away from responsibility, is also folly and its disastrous consequences … pointing out that the faith that is borne by obedience to God Almighty and the organization of life affairs and the liberation of man from the bondage of tyranny and servitude is the most important solution to our problems.


He added, “Belief in God is the basis for a set of principles, values ​​and instructions that God has commanded us to draw from our lives and fix our reality, and any violation of the system of divine instructions has negative effects on the reality of man and his surroundings.”


Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi affirmed that the options towards the enemies of the message and prophethood are limited to strength and hardship or submissiveness, submissiveness and retreat .. pointing out that the severity in the face of the enemies of Islam is manifested in steadfastness, adherence, striving and sacrifice, regardless of the capabilities of the tyrant.


He mentioned that the intensity is not a criminal tendency, but is where it should stem from the strength of the followers of the principles of faith .. considering the juggernaut of the age represented by America, Israel and those who revolve around them is an extension of the warping from the straight path.


And French President Macron considered a puppet of the Zionists, pushing him to offend Islam and the Messenger … indicating that the Western regime that permits offending God and his prophets and prevents the exposure of Zionist Jews’ conspiracies is a witness to the control of the unbelieving Zionist lobby over Western regimes and the media in the West.


“The declaration of those loyal to America and Israel is treachery and engaging with the enemies to target the nation in all fields,” he said, stressing that the Saudi regime has opened the atmosphere of the land of the Two Holy Mosques to the Jews and besieges the Yemeni people and attacks them.


Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the Saudi regime imprisons the free people of the Palestinian people only for their rightful stance against the Israeli enemy, and that the Saudi and Emirati regimes, the Al Khalifa and the Sudanese military are partners with America and Israel in their plots.


He stressed the importance of making use of this occasion to be a starting point for consolidating the divine principles, the identity of faith, and what it means belonging to Islam in our practical and behavioral commitments, our civilizational renaissance, and our position on the enemies of the divine message in consolidating loyalty to the Messenger of God and following and consolidating with him.


He pointed out the importance of this being among the priorities at the educational, educational and awareness levels in confronting the dangerous satanic attack, which is called the soft war, which targets the sons and daughters of the Islamic nation intellectually and morally, with the aim of controlling them, their countries and their capabilities.


The Leader of the Revolution affirmed Yemen’s principled religious stance in supporting the Palestinian people in their just cause, their right to freedom and independence, restoration of sanctities, especially the Noble Aqsa, liberation of Palestine all of Palestine and the rest of the occupied Arab territories, and the expulsion of the usurper Israeli enemy, which poses a threat to the Islamic nation and to stability and peace at the regional and international levels.


He added, “We affirm our firmness on our position against American tyranny and American colonial policies hostile to our nation and conspiring against our peoples.”


The leader of the revolution also affirmed standing with the nation’s free people in the axis of resistance to confront the American and Israeli threat, adhering to the principle of Islamic brotherhood, rejecting all efforts to differentiate between Muslims, inciting hatred and hatred under sectarian, ethnic and regional headings, and rejecting all forms of normalization and loyalty to Israel.


He reaffirmed the continuation of confronting the American, Saudi, and Emirati aggression against Yemen as a religious, humanitarian and patriotic duty, until victory is achieved in defeating the coalition of aggression, liberating what it has occupied, and achieving full independence for the Yemeni people as a legitimate right.


Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi called on the Yemeni people to continue supplying the fronts with money and men and to take care of everything that would contribute to the strength and cohesion of the home front and take care of agriculture as the backbone of the national economy, and cooperation between the official and popular sides in everything that helps with steadfastness and economic cohesion and caring for solidarity. Social and caring for the poor.


He urged the pioneers of the awareness front men, including scholars, intellectuals, preachers and teachers, to continue their efforts in confronting all the enemies’ deceptive and discouraging endeavors and their soft warfare, and the constant care of awareness, educational and educational activities.


The leader of the revolution directed the security front men, in the security and intelligence services and the Ministry of Interior, who achieved important achievements with the grace of God, to intensify efforts and develop their performance in confronting all the criminal and sabotage endeavors that target the Yemeni people in their security and stability. For the nation’s martyr, Minister of Youth and Sports, Hassan Zaid

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