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A deadly danger threatens America …

The authorities are calling on residents to evacuate the homes…

Yesterday, Wednesday, storm “Laura” intensified, officially turning into a category 4 hurricane, raising fears of unavoidable unrest that could drown entire communities.

According to the “Associated Press”, the authorities have appealed to residents of western coastal areas in Texas and Louisiana to vacate their homes, but officials are concerned that not many have left yet.

The storm’s strength grew by nearly 70% in just 24 hours, reaching a size described by the National Hurricane Center as “extremely dangerous,” and this is the strongest hurricane to hit the United States so far this year.

University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldie said: “It looks like she’s in a complete beast. This is not what you want to see if you are on his way. ”

As time ran out, both the governor of Texas and the governor of Louisiana expressed their concerns that there were not enough Sahel residents to take the dire predictions seriously.

The National Hurricane Center continued to raise its estimates for the “Laura” attack, raising its forecast of a possible associated rise in sea level from just 10 feet two days ago to twice that level, a rise that experts said would be particularly lethal.

A Category 4 hurricane can cause such catastrophic damage that blackouts can last for months in some places and large areas may be uninhabitable for weeks or months.

The threat of such devastation poses a new disaster relief challenge for a government already struggling to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Meteorologists expect winds to reach at least 145 miles per hour, but it may weaken a little before reaching land.

The hurricane also threatens the center of the US energy industry. The government has said 84 percent of oil production in the Gulf and an estimated 61 percent of natural gas production have stopped.

Source: Sputnik

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