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A distress call from the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation for all free people of the world

From the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation for all free people of the world

The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation confirms from the responsibility entrusted to all civil society organizations and humanitarian and relief organizations that the oil materials for the operational process have reached a minimum, which threatens to stop the activity of the corporation’s ports in receiving food, relief and oil products, and the occurrence of a humanitarian disaster that is the worst in the world .

Also, this crisis significantly affects all means and means of transport that carry out the activity of transporting food and humanitarian supplies that have become piled up along Jizan Street and have not been able to move to the governorates that these materials are supposed to reach   .

The corporation also clarifies that the last tanker loaded with diesel is ( PIRAMERD ), which arrived at the docks of Al Hudaydah port on 12/30/2020 with a quantity of (28062) tons on board

As well as the last tanker loaded with petroleum, (MIURA), and it arrived at the port of Hodeidah on 12/29/2020 AD and carried a quantity of (14299) tons, and since that date, no tankers carrying oil derivatives arrived at the Corporation’s ports until this appeal was launched.

The Foundation holds the international community and the countries of the aggression coalition responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe that may occur as a result of the cessation of its activities.

The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation works with all its capabilities to receive all commercial and relief ships and oil tankers in accordance with the systems and procedures followed by it and in force in all international ports within the limits of its capabilities. The Yemeni citizen, the corporation’s ports are in compliance with the International Code of Port Security and Protection ( ISPS) .


Issued by the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation


2/22/2021 AD

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