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A meeting of the Land Transport Affairs Authority

The Board of Directors of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, headed by Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed today the plans and projects of the Development Authority according to what was included in the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

The meeting, in the presence of the Chairman of the General Administration for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, Walid Al-Wadae, and members of the Board approved the final account of the authority for the year 2018 and what it has achieved during the past period and development projects to improve the various areas of land transport.

The meeting touched on the procedures for controlling the loads with the loading sources represented by the land and sea ports, factories, warehouses, quarries and crushers to preserve the road network that is exposed to damage due to excessive loads in light of the suspension of work at the pivot weight stations due to the aggression.

The meeting reviewed the media plan to limit the damage of overloads on the road network and the development programs and studies that were prepared in the annual plan for the current year in accordance with the national vision for building a modern civil state.

At the meeting, the Minister of Transport affirmed keenness to upgrade the land transport sector professionally, technically, administratively and financially, in a way that would contribute to developing the performance of this sector .. He noted the level of coordination between the Land Transport Regulatory Authority and the Road Maintenance Fund to limit the overloads on the road network.

He urged the authority’s leadership to redouble efforts to advance and develop the fields of land transport during the next stage, in a way that would contribute to supporting the national economy.

While the Chairman of the Board of Directors explained to the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, the authority’s endeavor to develop and modernize the areas of land transport in line with modern developments despite the current difficulties due to the aggression and blockade on land ports.

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