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Al-Sami’e is briefed on the workflow of the Ministry of Transport and its sectors


A member of the Supreme Political Council, Sultan Al-Sami’e, briefed on the work progress of the Ministry of Transport and its land, sea and air sectors, the level of achievement and the development plan in accordance with the second phase of the National Vision 2021-2025 and the analysis of the current situation.

Al-Sami’e, together with Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami, Chairman of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs Walid Al-Wadaei, and Director of Sana’a International Airport Khaled Al-Shayef, inspected the Land, Maritime and Air Information Center and the accurate data and information it contains about marine, air and land movement, weather conditions and other information of importance in the various transportation fields.

A member of the Supreme Political Authority, Al-Sami’e, heard from the Minister of Transport an explanation of the developments introduced in the ministry and its sectors and taking advantage of modern technology at the information center on ship movements and air navigation that crosses Yemeni airspace and land trips through mass transit companies to various governorates.

A member of the Supreme Political Council praised the efforts of the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and its sectors, bodies and institutions in modernizing and developing work in the various transport sectors.

“Six years of aggression resulted in the total destruction of airports, roads and means of transport, and the transport sector suffered great losses,” He said. stressing the interest of the Political Council and the Salvation Government in the transport sector, on which the support of the national economy depends.

While the Minister of Transport confirmed that the major countries have based their economies on ports and airports and have achieved billions of dollars in revenues, reviewing the difficulties facing the work of developing transportation fields, most notably the repeated attacks on the lands and campuses of the new Sanaa International Airport project, Taiz International Airport and the sea ports of the Yemeni Sea Ports Corporation.

He pointed out that the attacks on airports and sea ports will ultimately lead to inability to work in them and impede the provision of services, their development and expansion.

“Yemen is distinguished by an important land and geographical location,” he said. “We hope the concerted efforts of the relevant authorities to exploit its resources by modernizing the performance of airports and sea ports and its capabilities, which is what the aggression coalition sought to destroy Yemen’s capabilities and components.”

The Minister Al-Shami pointed out that the development plans and strategic projects that have been put in place in the areas of transportation for the year 2021 aim to advance the transport sectors as they would alleviate the suffering of citizens as a result of the aggression and the blockade imposed by the Aggression Coalition for nearly six years.

He said, “Transport projects are of importance to the homeland and the citizen, including those related to the dry ports in Sanaa and around the capital, for which studies and engineering designs have been prepared as constituting a qualitative leap in the regulation of transport and other projects in air and maritime transport that fall within the second phase of the national vision to build the state 2021.” -2025

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