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A speech event at Sana’a Airport on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday

Sana'a International Airport celebration on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday


Sana’a International Airport organized a speech event commemorating the birth of the Prophet, with the owner and his family offering the best prayers and the most gracious delivery.

In the event attended by a member of the Shura Council, Abdul Hakim Al-Umayy, Deputy of the Ministry of Information Nasruddin Amer and Director of the Directorate of Bani Al-Harith Hamad Rakan, Director of Sana’a International Airport Khaled Al-Shayef stressed the importance of celebrating this occasion to enhance and embody the high moral values ​​of the Great Messenger and to remind the light and guidance that he brought as a mercy to the worlds.

He pointed out that  celebration of the Prophet’s birthday at Sana’a airport is a message in which we reiterate our steadfastness and our readiness to receive all civil, humanitarian and commercial flights.

While the scholar Khaled Musa, in a lecture on this occasion, touched on the biography of the Great Prophet and his place in the hearts of Yemenis, stressing that celebrating the birth of the best of the wilderness is an honor and pride and an emphasis on love, loyalty, obedience and compliance with his commands until the Hour begins.

The event, with the participation of many airport employees and the security and civil authorities delegated to it, included poetry and religious songs expressing the occasion.

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