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A Training program lanches on good governance in Sana’a

A Training program on good governance for senior administrative leaders in the country, organized by the National Institute of Administrative Sciences (NII) in cooperation with the German Agency for Development (GIZ), began in Sana’a.

At the inauguration, the Dean of the National Institute for Administrative Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khaled, explained that the training program comes within the framework of implementing the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state and aims to consolidate principles and concepts of good governance that include human rights, accountability, transparency, inclusion, gender, and conflict management.

He pointed out that the program targets 500 trainees from executive leaders in various sectors of the state through refining and developing their perceptions, knowledge and capabilities in everything related to the field of good governance, so that they can apply what they have received in their fields of work

For his part, the trainer, Dr. Muhammad Al-Qatrani, stressed the importance of the program in promoting the concept of good governance and its fields among the state’s administrative cadres, in a way that contributes to creating a rational administration that helps in achieving the welfare and growth of society.

He pointed out that achieving a comprehensive societal renaissance depends on the interest in qualifying and training the human cadre, as it is the center of construction and the maker of the nation’s renaissance

participated from Ministry of Transport Mr. Adnan Al-Kibsi, Deputy Head of the Technical Office, and Eng. Nazir Al-Dabai, Director General of Planning

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