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A workshop in the authority to analyze the current sit ent situation for preparing the progress plan 2021-2025



the authority organized the second workshop to analyze the current situation to prepare the interim plan 2025-2021 .


During the workshop, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Qader stressed the importance of performing an accurate and in-depth analysis, which will be the basis on which the second interim plan will be constructed, appreciating the efforts made by the work teams in analyzing the main elements.


In turn, Director General of Strategic Planning and Quality Audit Hashem Yahya Abdel Qader gave a presentation on analysis PESTLE and SWOT analysis SWOT and Key and Statistical Indicators for Civil Aviation and Meteorology


While the participants made interventions and discussions of all the internal and external strategic factors of the authority and put them on the SWOT analysis SWOT and identifying critical points, as well as identifying priorities for need to enhance its performance in implementing activities and providing civil aviation and meteorological services in the Republic of Yemen and its air region

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