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Airlines sell pajamas and peanuts to compensate for their losses!

Airlines in many countries of the world have devised unconventional ways to make money with the continued closure of borders, as carriers have moved to deliver food and sell pajamas, furniture, almonds and peanuts, in order to compensate for the losses of the global aviation sector, which may reach 84 billion dollars in 2020.

According to Bloomberg, even airlines that have received government bailout packages and have taken cost-cutting measures are looking for new sources of income because they are burning money with fleets at a standstill and people staying home. The agency says the aviation sector recovery could take years and cost air carriers billions more.

She added, “When it comes to raising money, there is nothing out of reach for airlines mired in their worst crisis ever … and now they sell anything to weather the repercussions of the epidemic, from fresh vegetables to peanuts and pajamas.”

Over Antarctica

due to the suspension of its air fleet until at least mid-2021, Australian airline Qantas is leasing one of its Boeing Dreamliners for sightseeing flights over the southern ice sheet. Antarctica flights rent the plane and crew from Qantas on seven flights between November and February.

Flights take between 12 and 14 hours, and a full-service business class seat on the flight costs A $ 7,999 ($ ​​5,850).

Pajamas, almonds

and Qantas also sold items usually given to discerning travelers, including 10,000 sets of pajamas that it said ran out within hours.

The AU $ 25 amenity packages were free for front seat folks online and contained hand cream, tea bags, chocolate biscuits and smoked almonds, among other treats on board.

A company spokesperson said that some cabin interiors, such as first-class staircase tables, may be sold as souvenirs.

Meal Delivery

Air North, the 43-year-old airline that connects remote Canadian Yukon to centers like Vancouver, has now moved to home delivery. Menu offerings include beef pie for $ 9.00 CAD ($ 6.88) and a selection of cheesecakes for $ 13.99 CAD.

Customers can order up to 20 pre-cooked and frozen meals at one time, to be delivered by the driver the next business day.

Meals are only available in the northwestern neighborhoods of Whitehorse and the delivery cost is CAD $ 10.

Trips to anywhere

The Japanese company “ENE” sold tickets for a charter flight to anywhere. About 300 passengers paid for the so-called Hawaiian resort experience aboard an Airbus SE A380 that flies normally on the Tokyo-Honolulu route.

Passengers were chosen through a lottery. The crew wore Hawaiian masks and shirts and served cocktails during the 90-minute flight.

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