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An exceptional meeting to discuss the mechanism of confronting the mercenary government’s rise to the customs dollar by 100%


an extraordinary meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade was held, chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Major General Abdel Wahab Al-Durra, and the Minister of Transport, Major General Amer Al-Marani, to discuss a mechanism to confront the mercenary government’s attempt to raise the customs dollar by 100%.

During the meeting, which included representatives of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce and the Consumer Protection Association, the Minister of Industry said: It is not permissible for any merchant to raise even one riyal in prices over the previous price, stressing: “We will strike with an iron hand those who intend to manipulate the people’s power.”

He pointed out that the mercenaries of aggression’s raising of the customs dollar by 100% will affect the citizen’s livelihood, calling to stop opening any customs data according to this decision.

The Minister of Industry pointed out that whenever the aggression was defeated on any military front, it resorted to the economic battle to restrict the Yemeni people’s livelihood.

In turn, the Minister of Transport expressed his full readiness to personally go with the merchants to the port of Hodeidah to complete their transactions in a way that benefits the citizen and reduces the cost of the commodity.

He affirmed the commitment to provide the possible facilities to the merchants who will direct the container ships carrying their goods to the port of Hodeidah to ease the burden on the citizen.

For their part, the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Capital Municipality Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the private sector and the Yemeni Society for Consumer Protection renewed their categorical rejection of the decision to increase the price of the customs dollar announced in Aden, stressing that the decision would harm the national economy and people’s livelihood.

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