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Announcing the launch of work to merge the transport offices with the authority(LTA)

Chairman of the General Authority for Land Transport Affairs, Walid Al-Wadaei, announced the launch of work to integrate transport offices in the authority to prevent duplication and random collection in the field and develop resources.

In today’s meeting, Al-Wadaei said that the committees formed by the decision of the Minister of Transport will work to complete the merger procedures and hand over the transport offices in the governorates to the branches of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs.

He emphasized that the committees will also work during the field visits to the transport offices in the governorates and branches of the authority to confiscate previous bonds, withdraw existing financial instruments, seize them, make records about them and submit them to the Ministry of Finance.

Alwadaei pointed out that the new financial bonds that will be implemented are printed in the Ministry of Finance, Form No. 50, and some data and form have been modified to be different from the previous model.

And he indicated that the new bond is cut only once for the owner of the light or heavy means of transport, and he moves with it in all governorates without the need to cut another bond.

For his part, the Assistant Deputy for Sana’a Governorate, Muhammad Jamil, confirmed the governorate leadership’s readiness to cooperate with the authority’s branch in the governorate.

The meeting was attended by the Assistant Deputy at the Ministry of Transport for the Land Transport Sector, Abdul Malik Ali, Vice chairman of the Authority Abdulghani Al-Wali, and a number of directors of the authority’s branches in the governorates

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