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Arrangements to commemorate the Prophet’s birthday

Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr bin Ishaq, Chairman of the Board , received within the framework of the activities celebrating the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday for the year 1442 AH to its owner the best prayer and completed the delivery ..

Professor / Muhammad Ayyash Qahim – Governor of Hodeidah Governorate. The meeting was devoted to discussing the role of the community institution in dealing with and promoting societal awareness of the importance of commemorating the birth of the Prophet, introducing the greatness of the final Prophet, and adhering to and following his Sunnah in word and deed. Captain bin Ishaq welcomed the governor and the agents

he affirmed the steadfastness of the ports establishment during this period, especially with the blockade that was imposed a few months ago on oil tankers with constant preparation and complete readiness at any time.

He emphasized that the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday includes a clear message to the nation’s enemies that the Yemenis are following in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet.

The captain also affirmed the organization’s readiness to participate and interact in the activities of the Prophet’s birthday .At the conclusion of the meeting with Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr bin Ishaq,

Professor Muhammad Ayyash Qahim emphasized the importance of the crowd for the central effectiveness of the Prophet’s birthday in proportion to the greatness of this occasion and proceeding with the approach of the Qur’an and tracing the Prophet’s trail in defending and defending the truth against falsehood and his people and continuing steadfastness in confronting Brutal aggression against our country by all means as a legitimate right to self-defense, land and honor. It is noteworthy that the meeting was attended by Mr. Nabil Omar Al-Mazjaji, Director General of the Office of the Chairman of the Council, Eng. Sami Abdullah Maqbouly, Director General of Engineering Projects, and Mr. Mutahar Al-Amadi, Director General of Legal Affairs

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