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Brazil: Demand for public transportation and increased power generation

Demand for public transport in Brazil declined over the past week, while consumption, spending and other alternative indicators rose mainly, amid a slight change in restrictions related to the Coronavirus.

The “stringency index” of anti-corona virus restrictions, on which the Oxford University’s Blavatnik State College is based, has not changed from last week, when it scored 72.69 points.

The demand for public transportation, measured by the travel app “Move It”, has decreased compared to last week in most major Brazilian cities, according to Bloomberg News.

In the week ending August 19, the city of São Paulo witnessed a decrease of 44.4% compared to 41.6% in the previous week.

The decline in Rio in the week to 19 August was 44% compared to 41.8% the week before it. As for Brasilia, the decline rate was 32.4%, compared to 30.5%, among other major cities.

On the other hand, Brazilian power plants generated a maximum of 63.1 gigawatts of electricity on August 17, compared to 60.9 gigawatts in the week prior to this date, according to the Brazilian Electricity Company.

The number of confirmed cases of the new Corona virus in Brazil has reached 3.66 million cases to date, an increase of 7.1% in the week that ends today.

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