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Chairman of CAMA Visits Technical Labs and Workshops of Air Navigation Telecom Systems

The Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader together with Mr. Raed Jabal- Deputy Chairman of CAMA paid a visit to the Technical Labs and Workshops of Air

During the visit, The Chairman of CAMA, along with the commission’s undersecretary, heard from the director general of navigational systems and equipment, engineer / Abdul-Wahhab Abu Talib, about the most important tasks and work carried out by the General Department of Navigational Systems and Equipment. Air traffic who have equipped the laboratories and workshops for navigational systems at the Air Navigation Systems Maintenance Center at Sana’a Airport, to a detailed explanation of the details and stages of implementation of these laboratories and the nature of their work, which have been equipped with standard inspection and measurement devices to be able to receive and repair air navigation systems and communications and their complementary systems at any airport … as well as equipping a library for books, documents and catalogs of the systems and devices operating at the regional aviation center and airports.

Where Mohamed Abdel Qader stressed the importance of these workshops and laboratories in operating and maintaining navigation communication systems with the aim of securing and safe air navigation traffic in our country in accordance with international standards and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and keeping pace with international technologies used in air traffic systems.

The Chairman of CAMA praised the achievements of the navigational system engineers in securing air traffic, reforming and developing the electronic network .. stressing that the authority has technical and engineering expertise that enables it to dispense with outside expertise .. explaining that the Yemeni expertise is known for its competence and professionalism by ICAO.

While the agency’s agent praised the level of work of the General Administration of Navigational Systems and Equipment and the readiness of the engineering team in developing the electronic network and moving from the traditional system to the electronic system to keep pace with all new developments in the field of civil aviation .. stressing the keenness of the authority’s leadership to keep pace with the strategic plan of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, which includes a series From improvements on various fronts to improving safety and quality in the civil aviation sector.

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