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China is expanding the use of the “Beidou” system in the transportation sector


The Chinese Ministry of Transportation said that China has expanded the application of the “Beidou navigation satellite system” in the transportation field, with more than 6.9 million commercial vehicles equipped with the “Beidou” system so far.

Wu Chungeng, an official with the Ministry of Transport, said at a press conference earlier this week that the “Beidou” system has been installed in about 31,400 postal vehicles, express delivery vehicles, 1,369 general service vessels and 300 general purpose aircraft.

Wu said China issued a special plan to implement the “Beidou” system in railways, highways, waterways and civil aviation.

He added that China is also working to improve the standards and specifications of the “Beidou” terminals installed in vehicles, ships and airplanes to facilitate implementation.

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