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Discussing development plans and programs for the Red Sea Ports Corporation


The Board of Directors of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation discussed in its meeting  in the port of Hodeidah headed by the Minister of Transport Amer Al-Marani the development plans of the corporation during the coming period and the difficulties it faces and ways to address them.

The meeting, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, Captain Muhammad Ishaq and his deputy, Engineer Yahya Sharaf El-Din, reviewed the priorities of work in accordance with the directives of the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council on the ownership of the lands and precincts of the Corporation’s ports and in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. (13) of 2019 AD regarding the declaration of Ras Issa as an oil port.

The meeting also reviewed the financial performance report for the first quarter of this year, the explanatory memorandum, the financial statements, and the Corporation’s achievements in developing the port of Hodeidah after its destruction by the aggression aircraft despite the scarce capabilities, in order to ensure the port continues to serve the humanitarian aspects and provide basic foodstuffs to the Yemeni people through relief and humanitarian ships .

The Minister of Transport stressed the keenness to develop work and strengthen Yemeni ports, in line with its strategy as an important economic tributary, pointing to the ministry’s and the Ports Corporation’s interest in implementing the second interim plan 2021-2025 according to the analysis of the current situation.

He explained that the plans and programs prepared by the Corporation aim to develop and modernize the Corporation’s work and provide marine navigation services in the interest of the Yemeni people.

Minister Al-Marani pointed to the commitment of the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions to implement the revolutionary and political leadership’s directives by paying attention to training, qualitative and technical qualification, electronic automation and legislation.

He stressed the importance of evaluating work and performance to improve technical and professional services in the field of maritime transport, which the aggression sought to paralyze its movement.

While the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation gave a presentation on the Corporation’s qualitative strategic and investment plans and programs for the current year, which aim to rehabilitate and develop its ports and enhance the gains and achievements achieved during the past years, including the tracks related to the process of recovery and economic recovery included in the matrix of the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state in Its various stages .. pointing to the importance of government support for the advancement of the maritime sector and its fields.

He reviewed the problems and difficulties facing the field and humanitarian work of the Corporation and the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions due to the continued detention of oil derivatives ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition and preventing their entry to the port of Hodeidah, which negatively affected all service sectors of the state.

Ishaq explained that the Foundation is working with self-efforts to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people, despite the obstacles imposed by the aggression on the port of Hodeidah.

The meeting was attended by the Director of Planning in the Ministry, Eng. Natheer Al-Dubai, and Muin Abboud, Media and Relations

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