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Discussing the development ‘ S work at the Land Transport Authority


A meeting in Sana’a today, chaired by Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed the mechanism for developing work at the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, especially after joining the transport offices in the governorates to the authority.

The meeting, in the presence of the Assistant Undersecretary for the Land Transport Sector, Abdul Malik Sharaf Al-Din, and the General Directors of the Authority and the branches in the governorates, reviewed the executive procedures during the next phase of revenues and the collection of land transport fees in a legal and organized manner by the authority.

The Minister of Transport indicated the importance of the work of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs during the next phase in fulfilling the tasks entrusted to it in collecting land transport fees and preventing duplication, in implementation of the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council in this regard.

He urged everyone to feel the responsibility to improve the performance of the authority and the fields of road transport, and to expand its activities.

In a turn, the Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority, Walid Al-Wadaei, appreciated the state and government’s interest in the land transport sector, which would facilitate domestic transport.

He considered the inclusion of the transport offices in the governorates to the authority as a positive step in the right path according to the law, pointing to the difficulties that the authority faced as a result of the division in the terms of reference of some bodies and the implementation of tasks in the field of the land transport sector.

Al-Wadaei stressed that the authority’s cadres will work to implement the tasks entrusted to it in an organized and legal manner that contributes to the advancement of the land transport sector and moving the wheel of the national economy

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