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Discussing the mechanism of preparing the budget for self-projects in the Red Sea ports


The Budget Preparation Committee of the Red Sea Ports Corporation discussed in its meeting 13/10/2020 headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr bin Ishaq, the plan of self-projects that will be included in the institution’s budget for the next year 2021 .


During the meeting, which included the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Yahya Abbas Sharaf Al-Din, Ishaq stressed the importance of exerting tireless efforts and expediting the preparation of the budget plan and the projects included in its framework.


Ishaq pointed to the keenness to activate the tasks of the institution and its affiliated facilities and to follow up on the provision of its needs, stressing the importance of achieving qualitative success in the overall administrative, financial and technical tasks and implementing self-projects according to a modern vision consistent with the requirements of institutional modernization and development in line with the general directions of the state and its keenness to activate the services provided to citizens. .


He urged the committee to contribute to crystallizing visions into executive work projects aimed at developing the institution’s performance and enhancing its role in serving the national economy and areas of development


The meeting was attended by directors of the office of the chairman of the board of directors, Nabil Omar Al-Mazjaji, planning, Dr. Waddah Abdullah Majmal, financial affairs, Omar Hajouri, and accounts, Adel Faqir.


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