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Discussing the media plan’s developing at Ministry of Transport

Today’s meeting in Sana’a, chaired by Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed the mechanism for developing the media plan for the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions during the next phase with a unified vision.

The meeting, which was attended by the Undersecretary for Financial and Administrative Affairs Adel Al-Madani and Director of Information and Public Relations Moein Bahjaj, Systems and Information Engineer Yahya Hobeish, reviewed the obstacles and difficulties faced by the Ministry in implementing the media and information plans.

The Minister of Transport emphasized the importance of the media in highlighting the activities of the Ministry and its effectiveness and transferring information and data of importance, noting the importance of making use of modern technology and keeping pace with developments in the field of systems and information.

The Minister of Transport emphasized the need for the ministry’s website to be a data bank in everything related to air, land and sea transport at the local and international levels, so that it would be a statistical and informational reference for the beneficiaries in the various transportation fields.

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