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Discussing the procedures for merging the Transport Office with the Land Transport Regulatory Authority in Dhamar


The Governor of Dhamar, Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, discussed with the committee in charge of the Ministry of Transport today the procedures for merging and handing over the transport office to the branch of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs in the governorate.


During the meeting, Al-Bakhiti stressed the importance of completing the procedures for merging in the financial and administrative aspects within the specified period as mandated by the ministry.


He also directed the authority’s officials in the governorate to facilitate the tasks of the committee, to define and regulate transportation means and to stop collecting any sums of money at the transport office, pointing out the importance of finding an axial balance and identifying the loads for heavy transport.


While the Chairman of the Committee, Sadiq Salem, indicated that the aim of the decision to merge transport offices is to end duplication in the collection of fees, raise work efficiency and regulate transport affairs … reviewing the tasks of the committee in completing the procedures of merging and delivery in the administrative, financial and collection documents.


For his part, the director of the authority’s branch, Ahmed Al-Sulaihi, stressed the need to adhere to the instructions of the ministry, the governorate leadership and the presidency of the authority in regulating land transport affairs and collecting legal fees.

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