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Gov’t provided necessary facilities to carry out maintenance of “Safer” ship: PM

Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Wednesday affirmed that the National Salvation Government has provided the necessary facilities to carry out the maintenance of the ship “Safer” to avoid a major environmental disaster threatening the Red Sea.

This came during the Prime Minister’s meeting with the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator for Yemen, Lise Grande.

The meeting discussed the repercussions of the oil derivatives crisis resulting from the policy of collective punishment practiced by the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition against the Yemeni people with international complicity by holding the fuel ships that obtained UN permits and preventing their access to the port of Hodeidah, as well as the direct effects of the crisis on the service sectors, especially water, health and energy.

The meeting also dealt with the problems of immigrants from the Horn of Africa and the need to work with the International Organization for Migration to put in place appropriate solutions in coordination with their countries, taking into account the conditions Yemen is currently going through as a result of the aggression and blockade.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s keenness to strengthen cooperation and partnership relations with the humanitarian work organizations operating in Yemen and to overcome all difficulties and address any problems that may hinder their valuable activities.

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