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Holding the second press conference of the Presidency Office on the work of complaints management

the Presidential Office held the second press conference on the work of the General Complaints Department for the period from April 1 to September 30, 2020.

During the conference, in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development, Dr. Hussein Maqbouly, and the Secretary of the Supreme Political Council, Dr. Yasser Al-Houri, the Director of the Presidency Office, Ahmed Hamed, explained that the conference is related to the General Department of Complaints in the Presidency Office and state institutions … indicating that the evaluation and honor relate to interaction with complaints .

He praised the role of the bodies that have interacted with the complaints submitted by citizens throughout the last period, which reflected the extent of their interest in the citizen and their sense of responsibility, which is the least that can be offered to the citizen to ease his pain, respond to his complaints and punish his extortionists … indicating that there is a discrepancy from one side to the other in responding to complaints.

“The directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council that those on the blacklist with regard to complaints are considered as a warning, and we will submit the full results to the President of the Council, and measures will be taken with regard to complaints in full,” he said.


He pointed out that the issue of complaints has nothing to do with the tasks and competencies of the regulatory agencies in combating corruption with their large files, nor with the relevant authorities, because this is another issue due to the large number of complaints that have arrived from the obstacles that the citizen faces in institutions on a daily basis .. He pointed out that many problems have been addressed.

He added, “We are serious about continuing the journey, and it cannot be silenced by paid pens, nor by the trumpets of corruption, who steal public money and spend it in order to silence those who want to fight even a small part of corruption and we are going on this journey.”

The director of the office of the presidency of the republic warned that if there are people who do not achieve his personal interest, he will be a public advocate for the mujahideen on the fronts and for the blood of the martyrs and for the sake of the revolution because his interest has not been achieved and if his interest is achieved then the revolution is ongoing and things are fine.

He praised the role of the General Complaints Department in the Presidency of the Republic, which was established according to President al-Mashat’s directives, indicating that a website for complaints management in the office will be launched in the coming weeks, and all proven complaints will be published in all its details to expose those who do not respond to citizens.

The director of the Presidential Office assured that we stand by the complainant who submits the sincere complaint, not the malicious one, and go ahead with responding to it, pointing out that there is a white list of parties interacting with complaints that will be honored, as for the black list, warnings will be directed to her to correct her situation unless appropriate measures are taken against her according to directives. Chairman of the Supreme Political Council

Hamed indicated that, next week, branches of the Grievance Redress Authority of the Presidency of the Republic will be inaugurated in all governorates, and a special complaints department will be opened in the justice system.

At the end of his speech, he praised the role of media institutions in interacting with the issue of complaints, calling on the media to guide the complainants to the correct way of submitting their complaints, following up on the complaints process and responding to it, unless the media has the right as a fourth authority to uncover the bodies that do not respond to citizens’ complaints.

For his part, Director General of the Complaints Department at the Presidency Office, Hammoud Ghabsh, confirmed that the number of complaints received by the Presidency Office and the various bodies and institutions from April 1 to September 30, 2020 AD amounted to 93 thousand and 107 complaints, reports and inquiries .. indicating that the interaction with the complaints service embodies the popular partnership with The state is fighting corruption in all its ways and methods.

He called on citizens to reject extortion and bribes in the transaction, and if the agency does not interact with them, they must report complaints to the Presidency of the Republic on 80089080.

He called on the media to cooperate by educating citizens about the importance of complaints and how to communicate them, so that significant progress could be made in eliminating bribery and extortion.

In the presence of the Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, the Minister of Industry and Trade Abdel-Wahab Al-Durra, the Governor of Ibb Abdul Wahid Salah, the Acting Governor of Hodeidah Muhammad Ayyash Qahim and the Secretary of the Local Council of the Governorate of Amran Saleh Zimam Al-Makhous, the office revealed the total statistics of all complaints received in various institutions The country for the period from April 1, 2020 AD to September 30, 2020.

As the total number of complaints received by state institutions reached 93 thousand and 107, including one thousand and 620 complaints related to bribery, extortion and obstruction of service provision, and 90 thousand and 203 complaints, grievances, reports and inquiries related to the work and tasks of various state institutions.

The office confirmed the completion of 1,249 complaints of extortion and obstruction of services, while the malicious complaints amounted to 102 and 269 complaints under procedure.

He mentioned that 83 thousand and 945 complaints related to institutions were completed, while the malicious complaints amounted to 120 and the complaints under procedure six thousand and 138 complaints.

He pointed out that the total measures taken regarding complaints of bribery, extortion and obstruction of service provision amounted to 1,285 measures, which were divided into:


  • The number of (159) referrals to the prosecution and the judiciary.


  • Number (146) referral for investigation.


  • Number of (79) suspensions from work.


  • Number of (82) warnings and drawing attention.


  • Number of (175) formation of control committees.


6- Number (71) to form committees for resolving the problem.


7- The number of (161) edits of notes and instructions.


8- Number (25) to allow the passage of tankers and buses.


9- Number (16) commitment of non-repetition.


10- Number of (335) separate complaints, which consisted of amending the data of handing over collections and delivering receivables.


With regard to complaints, grievances, communications and inquiries regarding the tasks and work of various state institutions, the office confirmed the achievement of:


1- Number (1359) referral to the prosecution and the judiciary.


2- Number of (59) suspensions from work and transfer.


3- Number of (905) edits of notes and instructions.


4- Number of (52) random drilling stops.


5- Number (39) to stop an attack on state land and endowment property.


6- The number of (53) committees, field visits, and problem solving.


7- The number (179) of the formation of investigation and control committees.


8- Number of (44) warnings and drawing attention.


9- Number (91) referral to the legal affairs and disciplinary councils.


10- The number of (2117) issuance of fatwas, discontinuation and release of teachers ’salaries and incentives.


11- Number (177) delivery of cash dues and modification of data.


12- Numbers (450) guidance on legal road behavior.


13- No. (471) The problem was solved.


14- Number (153) referrals to the competent authorities.


15- The remaining complaints (61081) are inquiries or seizures of people fleeing justice, or the delivery of services such as (electricity – water – fixed phone).


The office reviewed the most prominent executive steps of the directives taken by the office of the presidency of the republic as well as the various state institutions with statistics of complaints in illustrative charts received by complaints departments in various state institutions according to their type and achievement for each.


At the end of the conference, a number of the parties most committed to implementing the directives were honored in accordance with the standards and determinants and the time periods related to them, in addition to honoring a model of citizens who submitted just and fair complaints who were fair and completed all their complaints procedures with taking legal measures against the defendant.

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