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Minister of Transport offers condolences on the death of Lieutenant General Abdul-Malik Al-Siyan


The Minister of Transport, Major General Amer Al-Marani, sent a cable of condolences and sympathy for the death of a member of the Shura Council, Lieutenant General Abdul-Malik Ali Ahmed Al-Siyani, the former Minister of Defense and Transport, who passed away today at the age of 76, after a life full of patriotism.

He sent to the son of the deceased, Ali Abdul-Malik Al-Sayyani and his brothers and all the Al-Sayani family, the Minister of Transport praised the national virtues of the deceased defending the homeland, its freedom and independence.


He confirmed that the country lost with the departure of the Al-Siyani team, a statesman, a great fighter, and a brave and advanced military leader.


The Minister of Transport pointed out that the deceased Al-Siyani was a national leader who faced the American-Saudi aggression and persevered and proved despite the great temptations presented to him, noting that the deceased took over as Minister of Transport during the period from 1997 to 2001.


Minister Al-Marani referred to the leadership roles of the deceased during the last period in the military and civilian fields with all patriotism, high competence, dedication and sincerity.


He asks the Almighty God to cover him with the breadth of his mercy, forgiveness, and contentment, and to accommodate him in his spaciousness, and to inspire his family and his family with patience and solace.

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