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Minister of Transport reviews the progress of the port of Hodeidah and its service activities


The Minister of Transport, Amer Ali Al-Marani, was briefed  on the progress of work in the port of Hodeidah and the status of the port in terms of administrative, technical and security aspects.

The Minister of Transport, together with the Deputy for Maritime and Ports Affairs, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, heard from the CEO of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq and his deputy, Yahya Abbas Sharaf Al-Din, an explanation of the navigation and commercial movement in the port, the mechanisms for receiving and deporting ships, and the stages in which the various goods are unloaded to the port berths. And the difficulties facing the workflow in the port as a result of the blockade and the targeting of a number of berths and cranes belonging to container yards by the US-Saudi aggression.

Ishaq and Sharaf al-Din pointed out that the process of ships entering the draft of the port or the berths of the port takes place naturally in coordination with the shipping companies.

The Minister of Transport stressed the need to put in place appropriate treatments and create sufficient spaces that contribute to providing a greater capacity for the port, an increase in the volume of handling and unloading, and the provision of additional space allocated in the port, which will constitute a magnet for the port’s activity and for the private sector to invest in projects of added value to the port and the requirements for the future expansion of its services.

Minister Al Marani also learned about the activities of the floating slides, the incubators hangar, the Training and Rehabilitation Center, the Systems and Information, the General Authority for Maritime Affairs and the Coast Guard Sector.. He praised the level of activities carried out in them and the operational and development works being implemented.. He stressed the need to redouble efforts to reactivate the port to keep pace with the movement of activity. Navigational.

The Minister of Transport stressed the importance of measuring performance indicators and actual capabilities in dealing with the port, enhancing protection, control and follow-up to the administrative, technical and security aspects, and setting a clear plan to address it transparently to improve the port’s conditions for the better. Its bodies and institutions are in line with the requirements and developments of developing work in the maritime transport sectors.

He stressed the government’s interest within the priorities of steadfastness, recovery, reconstruction and construction plans, and the future vision of the modern Yemeni state during the next phase, to develop the transport sector, which is relied upon to support the national economy.

During his meeting with members of the Executive Unit of the National Vision for Building the Modern Yemeni State and the Technical Committee of the Foundation, the Minister of Transport briefed the Minister of Transport on the progress of implementing the plan for the second phase of Vision 2021-2025 AD “institutional structure and strengthening the elements of stability and reconstruction” and the projects it included in the economic field and administrative development.

In the meeting, Minister Al-Marani praised the efforts made by the technical committee in preparing the reports and completing them on time according to the determinants and scientific bases.

He urged the members of the Executive Unit and the Technical Committee to complete the tasks entrusted to them, stressing the importance of working in a team spirit to implement the national vision in accordance with the guiding guidelines and to ensure that the challenges of the current stage are overcome.

Captain Isaac indicated that the networking project is part of the national vision projects and has been implemented in an integrated manner.

The Minister of Transport had communicated with the Undersecretary for the Aviation Sector, Abdullah Al-Ansi, via the network.. He stressed the importance of benefiting from modern technology in facilitating and accomplishing tasks in a way that contributes to the development of work in various fields of transport.

They were accompanied during the inspection visit by the directors of the Minister’s office, Ahmed Abbas Al-Wazir, the office of the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nabil Omar Al-Muzhaji, the two planning departments in the ministry, Nazir Al-Daba’i, the relations and media Moein Abboud, the two planning departments in the foundation, Dr. Waddah Majmal, and the projects, Engineer Sami Makbouli.

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