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Minister of Transport: The Yemeni revolutions set off volcanoes against injustice, tyranny and the new old colonialism


The Minister of Transport, Zakaria Al-Shami, congratulated the Leader of the Revolution, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, members of the Council, and the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the glorious September 26 Revolution.


Minister Al-Shami considered the Yemeni September revolutions as volcanoes of anger that the Yemeni people set off against the forces of oppression, tyranny and old and new colonialism.


He stressed that the September 26 revolution was the core that ignited the hearts of free people of the homeland to achieve freedom and independence and get out of tutelage and dependency.


“Our celebration of this national occasion is an embodiment of the unity of the Yemeni revolution, the mother of September and October, to achieve its noble and free goals, which the new old occupier sought to steal from the Yemeni people, place it under its tutelage, plunder its wealth and impose its hegemony.”


He added, “The old and new colonialists seek to suppress freedom and independence and impose global hegemony on the people of faith and wisdom who are steadfast in the face of aggression, siege, wars, economic, social, health and psychological ones in light of the silence of my world, including money and Gulf oil.


The Minister of Transport praised the great victories of the heroes of the army, security and popular committees stationed on the fronts of pride and dignity against aggression and its mercenaries on this dear and eternal occasion.


Minister Al-Shami affirmed that the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions are well prepared to implement the tasks and duties entrusted to them with dedication, responsibility and sincerity to achieve the aspiration of the Yemeni people in terms of strengthening and developing transport sectors in the land, sea and air fields.


Glory and eternity to Yemen … Mercy for the martyrs … Healing for the wounded … The immediate relief of the prisoners … Victory for those stationed in the sites of honor and honor

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