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Ministry of Transport : a meeting discusses the anti-corruption awareness program

A meeting held today in Sana’a, chaired by Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami, discussed the detailed plan for implementing the anti-corruption awareness program, which is organized by the Ministry in cooperation with the Supreme Anti-Corruption Commission.

The meeting, in the presence of the general managers of media and public relations, Moein Bahajaj, systems and information, Yahya Hobeish, training and rehabilitation, the Hussain Charter, reviewed the implementation mechanism, preparation and preparation for the implementation of the anti-corruption awareness program, to be implemented soon on all sectors of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions.

In the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed the importance of preparing and preparing well for the implementation of the awareness program in translation of the directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council and what was included in the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state.

He pointed to the importance of forming preparatory and technical committees and sharing work to facilitate the completion and preparation process in an organized way to implement the program.

The Minister Al-Shami noted the importance of the program in advancing the sectors of the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions during the next stage, by holding seminars and workshops that will be carried out with the participation of employees of the Ministry’s General Office and its affiliated bodies and institutions

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