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Ministry of Transport ‘s Committee holds its first meeting to improve the performance


at the Ministry of Transport, the first meeting of the Committee for Improving the Environment Performance Index of the Ministry’s Work was held under the chairmanship of the deputy for the Air Transport Sector, Chairman of the Committee, Abdullah Al-Ansi.

The committee reviewed the tasks entrusted to it, the most prominent of which is preparing the opening work, analyzing the situation of the internal and external environment in accordance with the specific executive framework, and assessing the situation of the internal and external environment.

The committee discussed preparing programs, projects, time plan and estimated budget, including roles and responsibilities, and other topics aimed at strengthening and developing the Ministry’s work during the next stage.

In the meeting, the deputy of the Ministry of Transport for the Air Transport Sector stressed the necessity of completing the tasks in a way that contributes to the development of professional and technical performance in translation of the Minister of Transport’s directives aimed at advancing the work of the Ministry and its sectors and its affiliated bodies and institutions.

He pointed out that the committee will work hard with all its energies to improve the work of the ministry in line with current changes and developments

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