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Our country celebrates the International Day of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Engineers


our country, represented by the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, celebrated the International Day of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Engineers (ATSEP Day), which falls on November 12 of each year.

At the celebration, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader, delivered a speech at the outset congratulating the air traffic safety electronics engineers and technicians on their International Day, praising the achievements they made and the great efforts they are making in securing air traffic and reforming the electronic network.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors stressed that the authority has efficient technical and engineering expertise that enables it to dispense with external expertise.. He explained that despite the aggression and the siege, the engineers and technicians of air traffic safety electronics have proven their success and worked to overcome challenges by providing and manufacturing  spare parts for some navigational devices, and this is what  It is done in other countries.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors pointed out that the tasks and work of electronics for electronics, air traffic safety, is the backbone of civil aviation, as they are the link between the air controller and the captain of the plane … stressing the authority’s keenness to pay attention to the electronics engineers of air traffic safety and rehabilitation.

For his part, Eng. Mohammed Al -Shamiri  gave the speech of the Electronics Union, in which he touched on the efforts of engineers in reforming and maintaining the electronic network at the Air Navigation and Airports Center and the readiness of the engineering team to keep pace with everything new in the field of civil aviation.

He pointed out that the celebration of the International Day of Electronics Air traffic safety came after Yemen joined, represented by the General Authority of Civil Aviation , the ICSI of the International Air Traffic Safety in 2018.

The ceremony, which was attended by the Undersecretary of the Commission, Raed Talib Jabal, included the reportage show with the technical and engineering achievements carried out by the Traffic Safety electronics engineer, Senior Air Navigation Systems Engineer.,Mohammed Oqbah was Horned .

Also, the Chairman of the Board, along with the Undersecretary of the Authority, informed the workflow and performance of the General Administration of Systems, shipping equipment, laboratories,  technical workshops for navigation communications systems, and radar signaling systems, and listened to the engineers and those in charge of the work to a detailed explanation of the details and stages of implementing these laboratories and the nature of their work, which are equipped with the examination devices And standard measurements to be able to receive and repair air navigation systems and communications and their complementary systems at any airport .. as well as preparing a library for books, documents and catalogs for systems and devices operating at the Aviation and Airports Region Center.

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