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Our country celebrates the International Day of the Observer

Our country, represented by the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology – Air Navigation Sector, celebrated today the occasion of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, which falls on October 20 of each year, in a sense of the importance of this global event and the participation of the countries of the world in celebrating this profession and defining it and the role of the air traffic controller in preserving the safety of the airspace .


In the ceremony attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Abdel Qader, the Authority’s Deputy  Raed Talib Jabal, the Assistant Deputy for the Air Navigation Sector Abdullah Al-Mutawakel and the Director General of Air Navigation Abdullah Abdul-Wareth Al-Eryani, the Chairman of the Board of Directors delivered a speech at the beginning of which he congratulated all air traffic controllers in the Republic of Yemen on their day Al-Alamy praised the high technical and professional competence of Yemeni air traffic controllers, their outstanding performance and dedication to the safety of air navigation in our country and the great efforts they make and overcoming difficulties, especially their prominent role in conditions of war and aggression, noting that the profession of air traffic controller is not easy, but rather is considered a difficult profession that requires great focus And high attention as it is a profession that maintains aircraft on the ground and in the sky, noting that Yemen possesses an elite of qualified air traffic controllers who are able to manage air traffic in the most difficult air changes, stressing the keenness of the leadership of the Authority and its interest in observersAirmen in our country, support and qualification for this is a positive reflection of the development of the work system, raising operational efficiency and achieving the quality of services provided in the field of air navigation.


In his turn, the Assistant Deputy for the Air Navigation Sector, Abdullah Al-Mutawakel, reviewed in his speech the important and vital role played by the air traffic controller to secure the safety of aircraft movement by providing distinguished navigation services for all aircraft transiting the airspace of the Republic of Yemen and using its airports … indicating that despite what the observer was exposed to The air force and air navigation workers included great challenges and direct dangers as a result of the aggression, but they continued in their sites and provided the service with high efficiency and professionalism. .


Al-Mutawakel valued the support of the Authority’s leadership of air navigation and air traffic controllers by adopting strategic goals to develop this important sector in line with the standards and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). .




For his part, Chairman of the Air Traffic Controllers Syndicate, Mohamed Merghem, indicated in his speech that the celebration of the International Day of Air Traffic Controllers on this date, which was designated by the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers to celebrate its founding anniversary in 1961, and the formation of this union came after the air traffic control became a prominent and major role in the industry Air transport, appreciating this generous gesture of the brother / chairman of the board of directors and the agent of the authority and his interest in air traffic controllers and their support in everything that would raise the level of work.

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