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P M visits the family of the deceased Al Sharjabi to offer condolences


Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor  visited the family of the deceased, Idris Al-Sharjabi, Minister of Civil Service and Insurance, who passed away recently from an incurable disease.

The Prime Minister, along with his deputy for National Vision Affairs Mahmoud Al-Junaid, Minister of Planning Abdulaziz Al-Kumim, Social Affairs and Labor Obaid Bin Dabaie, and Deputy Minister of Civil Service Abdullah Al-Moayad, offered condolences to the sons of the deceased Osama, Nasr, Muhammad and Saeed, for this tragedy.

They praised the deceased’s great efforts in serving the homeland and his patriotic stances rejecting all forms of tutelage, hegemony and opposing aggression and the Saudi-Emirati blockade.

They affirmed that the nation’s loss is great due to the departure of a national, political and leadership figure of the size of Idris Al-Sharjabi .. They asked the Almighty God to bestow his mercy and forgiveness, and to dwell in his spaciousness and to inspire his family and his family with patience and solace.

The sons of the deceased expressed their thanks to the Prime Minister and his colleagues, for this visit, which reflects the status occupied by the deceased.

They were accompanied on the visit by the head of the Defense and Security Department of the Prime Minister, Taha Al-San`ani.

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