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PM salutes the anniversary of the martyr leader


Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development Affairs Dr. Hussein Maqbouly affirmed that the Leader martyr is one of the greatest of the nation, whose brightest pages will be immortalized in history and whose exploits remain a field for study, research and analysis  .

In his speech on behalf of the Prime Minister, Dr. Maqbouli referred to the event organized by the Prime Minister today in Sana’a on the anniversary of the Leader’s martyr, in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs Maj. He launched with it shouting the cry of truth, teaching the divine approach derived from the Holy Quran  .

He touched on the humanitarian values ​​and principles that the martyr leader brought to correct the concepts and misconceptions that the hypocrites tried to promote with the aim of distorting his image and offending him, indicating that the Quranic project was launched after the events of September 11, 2001 AD to confront America’s expansionist colonial project and its ambitions in the region in light of submission, submission and complete surrender to the Arab nation. And Islamic .

Dr.Magbouly explained that the martyr, the leader, presented the integrated Quranic vision of building the nation, its pride and dignity, to achieve victory and was able to break the wall of silence and break the barrier of fear at a time when the nation was suffering from a state of submission, subservience, humiliation and surrender to the forces of global hegemony and arrogance  .

He pointed out that the martyr leader succeeded in his simple language, calm style and valuable presentation in placing points on the letters, dealing with many issues and topics that many commentators and researchers avoided addressing or talking about in order to come out to the nation with a unique cultural heritage and a renaissance and civilization project that disturbed America and Israel and pushed them to move The Saudi Wahhabi regime to attack him  .

Dr. Maqbouly mentioned that the slogan of the cry launched by the martyr leader is declaring innocence from the enemies of Islam and defining the compass of hostility towards America and Israel, reviewing the martyr’s qualities, morals and forward-looking vision in the dimensions, plots, plans, and tools of the American-Israeli aggression in the region in a sense of responsibility and a sense of the danger threatening the Islamic nation and Yemen  .

And he considered that the martyrdom of the Leader is an icon of sacrifice, sacrifice and redemption, and a major breakthrough for the Quranic march and culture that has drawn its path, approach and features in order to reach victory and empower the vulnerable.

In the event attended by State Ministers Hamid Al-Mazjaji, Ali Abu Halika, Nabih Abu Nashtan and Deputy Minister of Civil Service Abdullah Al-Moayad, Secretary General of the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Dharafi reviewed the life of the martyr, the leader and the heroic positions that he embodied in his Quranic project and the distinction between right and wrong and his rejection of hegemonic projects The subordination led by the forces of global tyranny and arrogance in the region .

He pointed out that the memory of the Leader’s martyr coincided with the sixth anniversary of Yemeni steadfastness in the face of aggression and the free nation’s stances of pride and pride on the path of the martyr, the Leader, drawing on his knowledge and Quranic culture, and taking his course on the path of truth and liberation from the clutches of invaders and mercenaries .

The Secretary General of the Prime Minister touched on the identity of the martyr, the faith leader, that he carried and embodied in it the distinguished model and the original role of carrying the banner of religion and steadfastness on the principles of faith in all sensitive stations in the reality of the nation  .

In his turn, the head of the Defense and Security Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Taha Al-Sufyani, reviewed the situation in which the martyr leader was living and the launch of his Quranic enlightening, civilization and renaissance project to correct the reality of the nation and strengthen its link to its authentic faith derived from the Holy Quran  .

He praised the sacrifices made by the martyr the leader, explaining that his annual memory is a station to provide the methodology and spiritual jihad and the eternal positions that his project carried to fortify the nation from false beliefs and false cultures and correct its course to confront the projects of hegemony and the forces of global arrogance .

The event included a poem about the virtues of the martyr, the leader of the poet of the revolution, Moaz Al-Junaid, and artistic and recital paragraphs of the march’s youth .

At the end of the event, the Cabinet, Deputy Prime Ministers, the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister, its leadership and employees, and the Executive Office of the National Vision participated in the campaign “Those who spend through thick and thin” with an amount of ten million riyals in support of those stationed in the Marib front

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