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President al-Mashat congratulates Yemeni people on 57th anniversary of October 14 Revolution

President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Masha congratulates Yemeni people

President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat has congratulated the Yemeni people on the 57th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution.


The President affirmed the need for dealing effectively with the national occasions away from misconceptions that isolates the revolutions’ lofty principles and its goals from the reality of consecutive generations.


“The enemies of independence have for decades instilled these superficial methods because they realize that it is impossible for them to gain a seat in power in light of the spread of correct popular awareness of the culture of the 14th of October,” he said.


President al-Mashat confirmed that it is the national duty of all to seriously fight the battle of awareness.


“We must re-examine the October 14th revolution by steadfastness and determination on our national position, which is opposed in word and action for all forms of dependency and occupation,” he said.


In his speech, President al-Mashat signaled the effective surprises that would be revealed in accordance with the national interest and the nature of the circumstances and changes, especially in the field of defence.


The president welcomed the steps related to the signing of the implementation of the first phase of the prisoners’ release agreement, calling on the concerned authorities to continue caring for the prisoners and improving their conditions.


He also saluted the understandings and advanced steps achieved by the office of the United Nations envoy for Yemen, the United Nations office of project support, and the national technical team regarding the issue of the FSO Safar tanker.


President al-Mashat called for denouncing the continued mobilization of al-Qaeda and ISIS elements in Marib, and the continued detention of fuel ships by the Saudi-led aggression coalition.


He stressed the great concern for achieving a just, comprehensive, and sustainable peace aimed at ensuring an end of the aggression and all-inclusive siege on Yemen.


The President called upon swiftly taking courageous and tangible decisions to lift the blockade on ports and sea airports, stop seizing ships, control oil and gas resources, and provide salaries in order to create a reassuring and supportive atmosphere for a comprehensive solution in Yemen ” this is what we call upon the leadership of the war in the other party, the hotel government, for.”

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