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President Al-Mashat: Media work is a jihadi act to be reckoned with


President Al-Mashat, head of the Supreme Political Council, confirmed that Yemen is in direct confrontation with the Americans and the Israelis in this aggression, and that the rest are nothing but tools, shoes and masks that he wears to cover his crimes and crimes and benefit from their money and milk.

President Al-Mashat indicated, during his meeting with a number of media professionals, that the Qur’an drew two lines in media work by adhering to the correct saying and not distorting the speech about its places.

President Al-Mashat began his speech with what the Noble Qur’an drew for media work, saying: “The Qur’an drew two lines for us in media work. God Almighty said: “O you who believe, fear God and speak sound words.” And a paradise: “He will rectify your deeds for you and forgive you your sins, and whoever obeys God and His Messenger has won a great victory.” And the great victory means Paradise, speaking of Paradise.

With regard to being affected by the enemy’s media, His Excellency President Al-Mashat explained how to avoid falling into this problem from the Qur’anic perspective, where he said: “It is offset by a bad quality, contrary to the good saying. O you who believe, if an immoral person comes to you with news, then explain.” This is its summary of being dragged behind the other people, whom God spoke about. We continue to stand firm against it, and it is a single front capable of stopping the aggression against our country.”

And infatuation, including broadcast on the hostile media as a result of listening to him and influenced him and dragged behind their propaganda, the president continued to Mashat his speech by saying, “He also spoke in another verse for sedition in the sense that it becomes infatuated, he says,” Smaon to lie Smaon other people did unto thee twist Kalim after Moadah say And if you are given this, then take it, and if you are not given it, then beware. And whomsoever God wants to sedition, then will you not possess the control of you, and what is the result of what they say in the context of what they say? “!!.

President Al-Mashat stressed the need for media professionals to remain on the foundations and constants that are considered strategic and important for media work so that the enemy is not able to get them into the maze of arguments, saying that “we still have foundations and constants to walk on, regardless of the variables, arguments and problems, if we do not have this strategy that there is Basic issues that must be rooted in ourselves and we will always work on them. I assure you that the enemy will plunge us into a thousand labyrinths in a million labyrinths so that we will forget these constants. My last tweet, “America is the mother of terrorism”, “America is the head of evil”, to be constants in all our writings and actions. If we did this, we would not see a problem, because these problems originate from the enemy.

President Al-Mashat stressed the media people the need for everyone to understand that the first enemy is America and Israel, and that the countries of aggression are nothing but tools and financiers of their plans and goals, explaining: “Let us understand that we are in direct confrontation with the Americans and the Israelis in this aggression, and that these are nothing but tools, shoes and masks that they wear to wrap His crime and crimes and benefit from their money and milking them, if we work and work to hold America responsible for crimes and criminality, everyone from his workplace, it is capable of stopping the aggression away from the military field.”

He also pointed out the importance of discipline in implementing the directives that come from the leadership, in order to avoid improvisation and randomness: “God Almighty also spoke about those in authority, meaning about a leadership from which you receive directions and directions, and therefore its summary is discipline, meaning that you are not authorized to do anything except according to directives from the leadership. Any media in which I am not authorized to engage in anything except according to directives from the leadership (and if a security or fear command comes to them, they broadcast it or reject it).

In his speech, President Al-Mashat addressed a set of basic guidelines and rules for media work in accordance with the Qur’anic vision, referring to the Almighty’s saying, “God does not like to speak out evil except from those who are unjust.” It is essential that God does not like speaking evil out loud, this is a rule, other than the rest of the verse, and in it there is an exceptional case “except for those who are unjust”, meaning that negative cases God does not like to talk about negative issues even from one section that he does not generalize negativity, except in one case. An exception is “except for those who are unjust” and all the doors have been closed in front of him, and he has no choice but to speak ill of him, and we have not reached this level, here we are declaring our solidarity with the oppressed, and the conclusion of our march is a victory for the oppressed, and we came from the womb of the oppressed.

He pointed out that setting up a complaints department aims to avoid reaching the level of generalizing the negatives: “After we set up the complaints department… complaints, I think if we were in a well-educated country, with intellectuals and media professionals in the right way, it would have solved all the problems, because with you all the windows are open to the greatest An official, over the middle official, over the smallest official, we even opened the way for you to complain about the person to whom you complained and he did not respond, you have the right to complain about him. Therefore, after launching this process, and in summary, you notice the community’s participation in the oversight process on state agencies, who talk about oversight Popular, this is popular censorship.”

President Al-Mashat, urging media professionals to abide by God’s directives in his Noble Book: “When God Almighty says, “Speak right words,” God urges you and loves to act with this guidance.. meaning that the right saying is done by those whom God loves, and whoever speaks out with bad words means its meaning. He is not loved by God, meaning heaven and fire.. He explained that “when freedom of opinion is not accompanied by acquaintance, knowledge, science, motivation and encouragement for advancement and creativity, it turns into ignorance, chaos, and the spur of demolition that takes away more than its positive.”

And he touched on diverting the path of the media and directing it in what should not be as a reality drawn by the enemies of the nation, and what should be done about that, he said: “We are all concerned with thinking to get out of this reality drawn by the enemies of this nation, and which was drawn from within this nation. How do we avoid that The media turns into chaos, how do we avoid it turning into arguments, how do we avoid it turning into extortion and enslavement.. He stressed that “this is the strategy that you in the media front work on laying the right foundations for the media field, after demolishing these rules that were established by the enemies of the nation and those who He doesn’t want her well.”

President Al-Mashat considered that the media field needs to be rehabilitated according to the methodology of the Noble Qur’an, refuting the nature of their true mission in immunizing society and preserving its fabric and cohesion.We are all responsible to rebuild the media field first, according to God’s guidance and the texts of His verses. This is the mainstay that we lay in building this lofty edifice. We proceed from God’s guidance. On workshops and courses, I mean the master while he is holding more than forty fronts, not a day passes by him and what he reads the guidance of God, the master himself from the tricks he says, by God, I am more busy than the master, a day should not pass you and you do not read the Qur ‘ an, this is a crime for you to miss a day And what you read Qur’an, your heart will harden and your life will be long, and your words will not become acceptable or have any effect because God is the owner of kings in the end. His verses and in the project of his nation, which he wants to be a dominant nation over all nations, your writing, your work and your media activity will not have an impact on the hearts of people.


He added, “The conclusion of the battle is with us. The field of conflict is with us. The battlefield is with us, and the enemy is the human soul, isn’t it? You are on the media front. What is your mission? A geographical area, a specific area of ​​control, that a tank does not enter it, that the enemy does not enter it, your task is to immunize souls from invasion, from false propaganda.” What the enemy is doing to target your middle in your community, to target your social fabric, to target all the strengths that you possess in facing this enemy.”

The head of the Supreme Political Council indicated that the media aspect, of its great importance, affects the rest of the fields, if its rules and foundations are mastered. The greatest fields. In this context, we need to be informed and knowledgeable in order to turn the media into a constructive edifice.

He stressed, “The media is a constructive edifice if we find the foundation, and establish it on the rules highlighted by God’s guidance. It is really a constructive edifice, and through this edifice, through this field and this field, we can build nations and not a nation, in all fields, because the reflection of the media aspect On all fronts, its reflection on the security front, and its reflection on the military front, the agricultural front, on the political front, in all areas, and therefore it is a constructive field for this nation in all areas.

President Al-Mashat added, “Building the media according to the Qur’anic methodology needs to be convinced that it is a collective action according to the framework of the nation, away from privacy that turns into extortion and profiteering.” We proceed in it within the framework of a nation, meaning there are no special areas in it, except for extortion and sustenance. As for the media, it is a collective action within the framework of a nation. The media work is collectively in the form of a nation. Nas, means that teamwork is much more.”

He pointed out that the media needs one leadership. The Almighty said: “And if they return it to the Messenger and to those in authority among them.” He affirmed that “this conviction should establish all of us as well as Channel Three, our connection with God’s guidance, otherwise we will remain.” God be upon you and His mercy, you have not followed Satan except for a few.” It is from God’s grace and God’s mercy that we have flags of guidance that are in our hands, indicating that “misguidance means loss, people enter it into labyrinths and drowning.”

At the conclusion of his speech to the media, President Al-Mashat stressed that media work does not differ in its jihadist orientation from working on the military front, and said: “Likewise, media work is a jihadist work. This work is not to be underestimated. It is organized work within the framework of a nation, within the framework of God’s guidance, within a framework of leadership, within the framework of one direction

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