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Sanders: US support for the “disastrous Saudi war” in Yemen must be ended

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders confirms his demand to stop US support for the war in Yemen, and says that the people suffering there "do not need more bombs, but rather more jobs, food and health care."

Democratic US Senator Bernie Sanders stressed the need to end US support for the “unauthorized, unconstitutional, and disastrous Saudi-led war in Yemen.”


And Sanders said in a tweet on “Twitter” on Tuesday evening, “The people who are suffering there do not need more bombs, but rather they need more jobs, food and health care.”


Sanders has always attacked US support for the war on Yemen, and US President Donald Trump has approached Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite human rights violations, as he indicated in an interview with the American “CNN” channel on February 19, 2020, that “we have always loved us.” Saudi Arabia is our wonderful ally, but the problem is that those who rule it are serial killers. ”


It is noteworthy that a member of the US House of Representatives for the Democratic Party, Roe Khanna , had confirmed immediately after announcing the victory of Joe Biden in the American elections that his country would “stop financing the Saudi war in Yemen.”


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman delayed in congratulating Biden on his victory in the presidency, as Reuters considered in its analysis of the matter that the reason was “the close personal relationships that brought bin Salman together with Trump, and provided an important solution in the face of a wave of international criticism of Riyadh’s record regarding With human rights, sparked by the killing of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Riyadh’s role in the Yemen war, and the arrest of Saudi activists.


Reuters reiterated at the time that “Biden pledged in his election campaign to reassess relations with the Kingdom, to demand greater accountability for those responsible for Khashoggi ‘s killing, and also called for an end to US support for the Yemen war.”

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