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The committee preparing the regulation for organizing agricultural transport begins its first meeting


the committee for preparing the regulation of agricultural transport held its first meeting, and in the meeting attended by the Charmin of the authority, Walid Al-Wadaei, he stressed the importance of speedy completion of the regulation of agricultural transport, because of its great importance in limiting and reducing the percentage of agricultural products lost due to bad and random transport, urging the committee to take into account Specifications and standards for transport, for the sake of safety and quality of agricultural products, which are among the interests of the authority and included in the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

He wished the committee to come up with a list that meets the requirements of agricultural and animal transport.

After that, the meeting was chaired by Abdul-Malik Ali Abdul-Karim, Assistant deputy for the Land Transport Sector at the Ministry of Transport, Chairman of the Committee, and work priorities were discussed for preparing the regulations for organizing agricultural transport and raising what is to be accomplished first-hand.

attended the meeting

Dr. Hassan Al-Sarraji, the legal advisor to the authority

Engineer Abdullah Al-Sayani, Advisor to the General Organization for Agricultural Services

Abdul Raqeeb Al Hamzi, Director General of Legal Affairs at the Authority

Adnan Hashid, Director General of the Agricultural Services Corporation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

Munir Al-Mahbashi, General Director of Marketing and Agricultural Trade at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

Sadiq Salem, Director General of Land Transport Policies and Economics at the Ministry of Transport

Mansour Al-Wafi, General Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Transport

Hamid Mayad, Director of Fatwa and Investigations Department at the Authority

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