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The Executive Unit at the Ministry of Transport reviews the plans included in the National Vision

The Main Executive Unit of the National Vision of the Ministry of Transport headed by Minister Zakaria Al-Shami today reviewed the plans, programs and activities of importance to the basic guiding principles within the Ministry of Transport initiatives matrix for the first and second phases 2019-2021.

The Executive Unit reviewed the reports submitted by the sub-units of the bodies and institutions affiliated with the Ministry about the achievements that have been implemented according to the plans and the priority programs in line with the current stage and according to the necessary needs.

The meeting reviewed the results of the evaluation for the second quarter and stood in front of the obstacles, challenges and ways to overcome them in the stage of preparing the third quarter reports and the difficulties facing the implementation of the activities of the transport sector.

At the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed the importance of implementing the strategic plans for the transport sector included in the National Vision, urging the Executive Office of the National Vision Department to overcome the difficulties facing the transport sector, especially with regard to financing.

He pointed out that everyone bears responsibility for any failure or delay in implementing the activities and programs presented by the Ministry of Transport and the affiliated bodies and institutions.

In a course, the head of the executive unit of the transport sector, Eng. Nazir Al-Dabai, reviewed the results of the visit to the ministry’s sectors to assess the level of implementation, in addition to the results of the training course for assessing the current situation within the preparation work for the second phase of the national vision plan aimed at setting a timetable for the accurate completion of the work.

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