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The funeral of the bodies of the deceased al-Shami and a group of martyrs of the homeland and the armed forces


The body of the deceased in the homeland and the armed forces, Major General Yahya Al-Shami, Assistant Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, who passed away yesterday after a life full of giving and working in the service of the country, was buried in Sanaa today in a majestic funeral procession.

The funerals of the martyrs of the homeland and the armed forces were also carried out, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Abdullah Munif, Major Usama Muhammad al-Kahlani, First Lieutenant Khaled Abdo al-Hafsi, First Lieutenant Abdul-Ghani Ahmed al-Gohari, Second Lieutenant Basem al-Rih, Assistant Muhammad Ali Ubaid, Mujahid Ziyad Saleh Uqabat, and the deceased Muhammad Qasim al-Ghazi, who were martyred while performing their duties in The battle to defend the homeland against hordes of invaders and mercenaries.

During the funeral ceremonies presented by a member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, Attorney General Judge Muhammad Al-Dailami, Ministers of Transport, Amer Al-Marani, Trade and Industry, Abdul-Wahab Al-Durra and Culture Abdullah Al-Kabsi, and the families and relatives of the martyrs, the mourners praised the virtues and role of the deceased and the armed forces, Lieutenant General Yahya Al-Shami and his contributions in serving the homeland through His leadership positions he held in the military and civilian fields.

They appreciated the heroic role and the courageous stances of the martyrs and their colleagues as they defended the nation’s fever and courageously confronted the forces of aggression, mercenaries and terrorist elements.

The funeral ceremonies for the martyrs of the late Shami and the martyrs who wore the republican flag after praying for them took place in the Al-Sha`ab Mosque in the capital, so that each martyr in his hometown would be seen watching

The governor of Ibb Abd al-Wahid Salah, the deputy head of the Security and Intelligence Service, Major General Dr. Abdul Qadir al-Shami, the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, Major General Abdul-Bari al-Shamiri, the Assistant Minister of Defense for Human Resources, Major General Ali Muhammad al-Kahlani, and a number of members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council and military leaders participated in the funeral .

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