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The leadership of the RSPC meets with representatives of WFP in the Middle East and Yemen

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Engineer / Yahya Abbas Sharaf El-Din, met on Wednesday 9/6/2021 AD, the representative of the World Food Program in the Middle East and North Africa / Corin Fleischer and the representative of the Program in Yemen, Laurent Bokera.

The meeting reviewed the navigation and commercial activity of the port of Hodeidah and the difficulties facing the port, especially after the brutal US-Saudi aggression bombed in mid-August 2015 the cranes and equipment for the movement of ships, the unloading of goods and the consequent deterioration in the operational process and its workers and the humanitarian situation as a result of the siege imposed on the port and its effects on National economy.

In the meeting, Sharaf El-Din explained that the continuation of the aggression and the comprehensive siege doubled the repercussions of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. He called on the program organizers to carry out their humanitarian duty towards the Yemeni people in light of the continued aggression and siege, and for there to be a real voice for the United Nations organizations about what Yemenis are suffering.

He expressed his hope that the United Nations would play an active role in the face of the aggression and the siege, pointing to the catastrophic repercussions of the international community’s continued neglect of the tragedy of the Yemeni people and the daily suffering they have been experiencing for more than six years, which negatively affected the lives and livelihoods of more than 26 million citizens.

The Vice-President of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation stressed the importance of expediting the completion of the project of rehabilitating and developing the port by the United Nations Development Program, from which nothing was accomplished except to rehabilitate the training and rehabilitation center.

He noted that the Foundation’s leadership is working hard to facilitate the work of humanitarian organizations working in Yemen, including the World Food Program, and unloading the shipment of food aid that arrives at the port, which the program provides as food aid.

In turn, the representative of the World Food Program in the Middle East and North Africa expressed the aspiration of the World Food Program to achieve all the aspirations of the leadership of the institution in accordance with the standards and obligations of humanitarian action.

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