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The Minister of Transport congratulates of the Prophet’s migration


The Minister of Transport, Major General Zakaria Yahya Al-Shami, congratulated the Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, President of the Supreme Political Council, His Excellency President Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, members of the Supreme Political Council and the Yemeni people, on the occasion of the anniversary of the noble Prophet’s migration and the new Hijri year 1442 AH.

The Minister of Transport expressed the highest verses of congratulations and blessings to the revolutionary and political leaderships, the Prime Minister, the men of  stationed on the fronts of pride and honor, and all the employees of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions on this solemn and great occasion for the Arab and Islamic nations, and the great indications they bear on the sincerity of the message of Muhammad Al-Bashira and the divine gift of worship .

The minister Al-Shami referred to the importance of the prophetic emigration in the lives of all Muslims and the resulting spiritual building, pure and ascetic to God Almighty, carrying the meaning of cooperation and spreading goodness and virtue among the common people.

He said, “The Prophet’s migration set out to build and develop an Islamic state that spreads divine light to all parts of the globe, thanks to God Almighty and his directions to the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, to migrate to Medina.”

Al-Shami stressed that this occasion embodies many sermons and targeted directives that urge Muslims to display the highest values ​​and cooperate in righteousness and piety for the sake of a strong and cohesive nation dominated by love and brotherhood.

The Minister of Transport valued the great successive victories achieved by the men of the army and the popular committees on all fronts of pride and dignity, the most prominent of which was Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous, and they thwarted their actions and the fourth deterrent balance, and last but not least, the victories of the army and the popular committees in the Al-Bayda governorate over the Takfiri forces of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Ould Rabie region.

Minister Al-Shami affirmed that the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions are proceeding steadily towards recovery, recovery, advancement and development through its development projects that are closely related to the general Yemeni society and included in the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state and in combating, limiting and confronting corruption.

We ask God Almighty to repeat this occasion, and our people and our leadership have achieved the demonstrated victory over the alliance of evil, tyranny and Satan led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the offspring of America and Israel, the killers of innocent children and women of the Yemeni people who are steadfast in the face of aggression.

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