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The Minister of Transport congratulates the Leader of the Revolution on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the Glorious 14th October Revolution


The Minister of Transport, Major General Amer Ali Al-Marani, the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, and the head of the Supreme Political Council, congratulated Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, members of the Political Council and the Yemeni people, on the occasion of the Yemeni people’s celebrations of the 58th anniversary of the glorious October 14 revolution.

The Minister of Transport expressed the highest congratulations and blessings to the Leader of the Revolution and to the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council on this glorious national occasion that defeated the British colonizer and made him humiliated and defeated.

He said, “The Yemeni people gained freedom, independence and pride at the hands of the great free revolutionaries when its first spark erupted from the majestic Radfan Mountains under the leadership of the heroic martyr Ghaleb Rajeh Labouza.”

Major General Al-Marani stressed that the old colonialist squatted on the homeland for more than a century, during which he plundered wealth, exploiting all its capabilities, foremost of which is the strategic port of Aden.

He pointed out that there is no difference between an old supernova and a new invader, as all are two sides of the same coin. He said, “Britain’s attempts today to return to the southern and eastern provinces through its Saudi and Emirati agents and mercenaries will confront with full force from all the free people of Yemen, led by the people of the southern provinces.”

The Minister of Transport stressed that the Yemeni people’s sacrifices are great and great through the continuous liberation revolutionary struggle to achieve their independence, freedom, national decision, national sovereignty, and exit from the will and foreign domination.

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