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The Minister of Transport inspects the conditions of Al-Salif and Ras Issa ports in Al-Hodeida Governorate


The Minister of Transport, Amer Ali Al-Marani, inspected the progress of work at Al-Salif port in Al-Hodeida Governorate.

Minister Al-Marani, along with the head of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, and the head of the Coast Guard Department, Major General Ibrahim Al-Moayad, were briefed on the commercial and navigational activities in the port berths, the movement of handling and unloading of ships, and the services provided to the ships.

The Minister of Transport also visited the power station and a number of facilities affiliated to Saleef Port, and heard from the port director, Ahmed Mohamed Atta, about the port’s natural components and depths that enable it to accommodate ships with large loads that are difficult to receive in the port.

Minister Al Marani stressed the importance of improving the services of loading and unloading goods and providing facilities and integration between the various facilities operating in the port with the shipping companies.

He praised the efforts of the Foundation’s leadership and workers in revitalizing the Salif port and the work of loading and unloading, providing more services and facilities to shipping companies, businessmen and investors, and enabling it to enhance its role in the economic, commercial and investment activity in the governorate.

The Minister of Transport urged improving the port’s performance, in line with the growing trade and investment movement in the governorate, pointing out that the port’s commercial activity will witness a remarkable development during the coming period, which will contribute to raising the level of activity at all levels.

He stressed addressing the problems facing the port and providing the needs of its workers, stressing the keenness of the Ministry and the Corporation to encourage the private sector and give it all the advantages and facilities as a key partner in development.

He urged the private sector to import through the ports of Hodeida by taking advantage of the facilities and privileges announced by the Salvation Government and the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation and the sectors operating in it, in a way that contributes to alleviating the burdens imposed by the countries of aggression by raising customs duties in Aden.

The CEO of the Corporation reviewed the measures taken to preserve the port’s campus and studies to develop it and encourage the private sector to invest in it.

In addition, a meeting chaired by the Minister of Transport, which included the CEO of the Corporation, the leadership of the Hodeida port, directors of departments and employees, discussed the port’s situation and its most prominent needs and requirements.

He also inspected the conditions of Ras Issa port, whose work stopped after being targeted by the US-Saudi aggression in mid-2017, which caused great economic losses.

He was accompanied during the visit by the Director of the Maritime Affairs Authority, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mushki, the Vice President of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Engineer Yahya Abbas Sharaf Al-Din, the Director of Legal Affairs, Mutahar Al-Amdi and Technical Affairs, Engineer Ahmed Salem, the Deputy Directors of Planning and Statistics, Dr. Moeen Muthanna, the Projects and Engineering Supervision, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hay, and the Director of Projects Department, Eng. Hussein Fine

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