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The Minister of Transport inspects the service facilities in Jabal Murad in Ma’rib


The Minister of Transport, Amer Al-Marani, and the Governor of Marib, Ali Taiman, inspected the conditions of a number of government facilities and service projects in the Jabal Murad District.

Where Al-Marani and Taiman visited the local authority building in the district, the health center, the water project, and a number of schools to see their needs and the progress of performance in them.

They heard from the directorate of the directorate, Muhammad Muftah, and those in charge of those facilities about the workflow and the directorate’s needs for emergency and sustainable projects.

The minister stated that the visit aims to see the living and service conditions of the citizens, see their conditions and the urgent needs of the Directorate, to submit them to the government for approval, and to start implementing service projects that alleviate the suffering of the citizens, in implementation of the directives of the Leader of the Revolution in this regard.

The governor stressed the need for the directorate to have priority in projects due to its deprivation.. praising the stances of the people of Jabal Murad in the face of aggression and their cooperation in maintaining security, stability and public tranquility.

In turn, a number of the directorate’s notables welcomed the visit, appreciating the government’s interest in the directorate’s conditions and needs.

They were accompanied by a number of directors of executive offices in the governorate.

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