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(TOT) course in anti-corruption concluded at the Ministry of Transport



The Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology in Sana’a concluded today a training of trainers course in the field of anti-corruption (TOT), organized by the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption and the Ministry of Transport.


The six-day course aimed at qualifying 25 trainers from the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions and the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, with modern training techniques that keep pace with developments in fighting corruption and provide them with skills in training techniques and knowledge of transparency and integrity.


The course included topics related to combating corruption, promoting transparency, integrity, accountability, good governance and a code of conduct, including the concept of corruption, its forms and types, and its relationship to personal and methodological values ​​based on participation and training on combating corruption.


The Director of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute, Dr. Naji Al-Sahmi, expressed his satisfaction with the success of the course, which he described as “fruitful”, and included activities for trainers in the field of combating corruption … noting the active participation of the trainees and the efforts of the course trainers and their enrichment with information and discussions.


He considered the session a fruit of the Ministry of Transport’s leadership efforts in the field of combating corruption, in coordination and partnership with the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, expressing hope that the participants would have an active role in the future in training employees to combat corruption.


Dr. Al-Sahmi pointed out that the course comes as part of an awareness program organized by the Anti-Corruption Authority and the Ministry of Transport that lasts for more than two months, with the aim of enhancing transparency and integrity, combating corruption and preventing it in the ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions, and within the framework of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state

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