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    Mon 10 رجب 1445AH 22-1-2024AD

    Minister of Transport: America’s warning to ships against crossing the Red Sea aims to create an international trade crisis

    The Caretaker Minister of Transport, Abdul Wahab Al-Durrah, confirmed that America’s warning to ships against crossing the Red Sea aims…
    Ministry News
    Sun 9 رجب 1445AH 21-1-2024AD

    The “Taiz” pilotage boat is lowered from the marine buoy slide in Hodeidah Port after its maintenance

    Sunday 01/21/2024, the General Administration of Technical Affairs, in cooperation with the General Administration of Marine Operations at the Yemeni…
    Ministry News
    Sat 8 رجب 1445AH 20-1-2024AD

    (no title)

    A meeting held today at the Ministry of Transport, headed by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mohammed Al Hashemi, discussed…
    Local News
    Thu 6 رجب 1445AH 18-1-2024AD

    The caretaker government condemns the American designation of Ansar Allah

    The caretaker government, headed by Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, condemned the decision of the Zionist American administration to classify Ansar…
    Ministry News
    Wed 5 رجب 1445AH 17-1-2024AD

    A meeting chaired by the Minister of Transport to discuss the mechanism of transporting raw materials for medicines from their global sources.

    Today, a meeting chaired by the caretaker Minister of Transport, Abdul Wahab Al-Durra, discussed cooperation and coordination between the ministry…
    Ministry News
    Sun 2 رجب 1445AH 14-1-2024AD

    Ministry of Transport confirms that all ships will be received at Hodeidah ports

    Ministry of Transport confirms that all ships will be received at Hodeidah ports. Ministry of Transport confirmed, through a circular…
    Ministry News
    Sun 2 رجب 1445AH 14-1-2024AD

    The Sanaa Airport Lands and Campus Conservation Committee discusses its work plan

    In its meeting , headed by the Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Lieutenant General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan,…
    Ministry News
    Thu 29 جمادى الآخرة 1445AH 11-1-2024AD

    Discussing the mechanism of completing the procedures for the damage file that affected the Red Sea Ports Corporation

    A meeting was held at the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Thursday 11-1-2024 AD, to discuss aspects related to completing the…
    Ministry News
    Wed 28 جمادى الآخرة 1445AH 10-1-2024AD

    A joint meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and the Local Authority Committee of the Shura Council

    The Minister of Transport in the caretaker government, Abdul Wahab Al-Durrah, discussed today, with members of the Local Authority and…
    Ministry News
    Tue 27 جمادى الآخرة 1445AH 9-1-2024AD

    Workshop for the new competition system for the single maritime window

      The Information Systems Department at Hodeidah Port is implementing a workshop for the new single window competition system in…

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