Ministry Council

Names of Ministry Council members

1  MAJ.GEN/ Transport Minister Abdulwahab Yahya Al-Durra Minister of Transport and President of the Council
2 Abdullah Ali Al Ansi Undersecretary of the Air Transport Sector
3 Dr. Khaled Abdulaziz Al – Namer Undersecretary of the Maritime affairs and Ports Sector
4 Abdullah Ali Al Suwaidi Assistant Undersecretary for Air Transport Sector
5 Abdul Karim Mohammed Saleh Head of Technical Office
6 Adnan Mohammed al-Kbsi Deputy Head of Technical Office
7 Mohammed Ali Al-Makalh Adviser to the Minister
8 Yahya Ahmed al-Kohlani Adviser to the Minister
9 Mohamed Mohamed Al-Sofyani Minister’s Advisor for Media Affairs
10 Habib Nasser Al-ansi Minister Counsellor for Air Transport Sector
11 Yahya Al-Wadai Minister of Land Affairs Advisor
12 Ahmed Abbas Al Wazir Director General of the Minister’s Office-Secretary of the Council
13 Fadl Ahmed Ali Director General of Marine Affairs Policies and Economics
14 Zaid Ali al-Khatib Director General of Ports Policies and Cconomics
15 Moeen Aboud Bahajaj Director General of Relations
16 Fouad Mohamed Al Hadi Director-General of follow-up
17 Yahya Ahmed Hobish Director General of Information Systems and Technology
18 Sadeq Salem Al Mashdaly Director General of Land transport policies and economics
19 Mansour Saleh Alwafi Director General of Legal Affairs
20 Adel Abdulla Al Madani Undersecretary of administrative Affairs
21 Mustafa Ismail al-Mu’ayed General manager follow-up projects at the Red Sea Ports Foundation
22 Mohammed Ali Haj Director General of Media
23 Abd Elhakeem Alhakemi General Manager Branches
24 Mohammed Ateeq Al Obadi Director General of Financial Affairs
25 Adel Abdulmalik Mohammed Saeed Director General of Internal Audit
26 Nather Abuljalel Aldobai Director General Of Planning and Projects
27 Mithaq Hussain Abdulhamid Director General of Training
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