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The Transport Sector Plays An Important And Fundamental Role In The Renaissance Of Peoples, It Is The Basis Of Economic And Social Development And The Pillar Of Economic Growth, And Transport Services Are One Of The Most Important Requirements Of The Different Stages Of Development In The Countries, The Existence Of An Effective Transport Sector Is A Prerequisite To Ensure The Economic Development In Each Country And Measured The Level Of Development Of This State Or That Of The Extent Of Development Of The Transport Sector.

While Transport Is An Economic Activity In Itself, As It Provides Many Investment Opportunities, And Provides Employment Opportunities Linked To Its Own Business, Transport Is Also The Main Artery Of Economic And Social Activity And An Essential Component Of Investment Decisions, And Is A Major Tributary If Not A Partner Fundamental To The Development And Development Of Many Economic Sectors (Trade, Industry, Tourism, Agriculture, Exploitation Of Mineral Resources… Etc.). This Is Through The Transport Role Of Ensuring Transport And Movement Of Goods And Personnel And The Link Between Production, Consumption, Import And Export Centres. The Occupation Of The First Positions By The Transport Sector In Terms Of The Size Of Its Contribution To The Domestic Output Of Many Countries Reflects The Nature Of This Vital And Inspiring Role Of Transport In Advancing Development And Contributing To The Economic Renaissance Of Any Country.

Transport In The Republic Of Yemen Is Of Great Importance By Virtue Of Its Geographical Position Between South-West Asia And East Africa, And The Republic Of Yemen Has An Extensive Network Of Air, Sea And Land Lines Linking It With Neighboring Countries And Various Countries Of The World, Where It Is Linked Overland To Saudi Arabia Through Many Of The Border Land Outlets (Long, Deposit, Spots, Cans) Are Also Connected To The Sultanate Of Oman Through The Ports (Shipping, Safet) And Through These Outlets Reach Goods And Products To And From Many Countries Including The Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, Jordan, Syria, Egypt,…. Etc. In Addition To Arriving And Departing Passengers. Yemeni Airports Are Linked To Approximately 30 Points And Operating Stations Located In The Countries And Cities Of Europe, The Middle East, Asia And Africa.

The Yemeni Ports Have An Important Strategic Navigation Position As They Are Located Along The Main International Navigation Corridor, Which Connects The Navigational Activity Between Europe And The Far East. From This Standpoint, And Aware Of The Political Leadership In Our Country Represented By His Excellency The President Of The Republic-God Preserve-The Importance Of The Transport Sector And His Important Role In Development, This Sector Has Received More Attention Commensurate With The Nature Of The Role He Plays And Hopefully In The Future And Perhaps The Size Of The Allocated Capital To Improve The Performance And Efficiency Of The Sector For A Concrete Practical Guide That Reflects This Interest. In This Regard, A Separate Entity Has Been Established For This Sector, Consisting Of The Ministry Of Transport, Which Was Established After The Establishment Of The Yemeni-Mubarak Unit As An Independent Ministry In The First Government Formed After The Unification By Republican Decree No. (1) Of 1990, Where The Ministry Was Tasked With The Task Of Enhancing Transport Capabilities And Capacities And Enhancing Its Services Internally And Externally To Support Economic Integration And The Growth Of Trade And Export Activities, The Ministry Aims To Achieve Strategic Management Of Transport Activities In Its Various Forms, And Also Contribute Effectively To The Revitalization And Expansion Of The Movement Of Trade And The Economy As Well As The Movement Of Society With The World On The Basis And Freedom Of Economic Activity Free Competition And The Number Of Employees Of The Ministry Of Transport And Its Facilities (9218) Is An Employee. The Transport Sector In Our Country Contributes 10.8 Per Cent Of The Total GDP.

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